Ahead of the publication of his new thriller, The Coming Darkness, writer Greg Mosse will share techniques for developing compelling plots and intriguing characters, gripping locations and cunning twists – creating an outline of a whole novel in just one day. Hosted at West Dean College. Price includes lunch and refreshments.

Greg Mosse was the founder and leader of the West Dean College MA in Creative Writing and, with his wife, best-selling author Kate Mosse, director of the Chichester Writing Festival, whose four star-studded editions also took place at West Dean.

The Coming Darkness is his first thriller – set in 2037 in Paris and North Africa.

Lee Child, the author of the ‘Jack Reacher’ novels, says: ‘Superb – there’s an ominous drumbeat throughout, and pace and tension, and a subtle – and scarily plausible – dystopia, and above all there’s the main character Alex Lamarque, who could be one of the greats. Greg Mosse writes like John Le Carré’s hip grandson.’

Anthony Horowitz, author and screenwriter, says: ‘This is exactly the sort of big, meaty, ambitious thriller that the market needs. I haven’t read a book like this since “I Am Pilgrim”.’

Lesley Thomson, author of ‘The Detective’s Daughter’ series, says: “‘It was easy to lie convincingly when there was no truth to conceal.’ One of many sobering sentences in this finely crafted complex thriller. An utterly satisfying story set in a forensically-detailed dystopic future which is too close for comfort. I’d love to see The Coming Darkness under ‘M’ in bookshops.”

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