You’ve heard that a dog’s powerful nose is capable of finding people during extreme search and rescue efforts, sniffing out drugs, tobacco, and even diseases like cancer. But did you know, their incredible snouts can be used to save wildlife? This talk by Emily Sabin is suitable for persons 12+.

This unique talk will introduce you to the uses of detection dogs for monitoring wildlife and saving endangered species around the world. You will learn why dogs are so effective for conservation, how to choose the right dog for the job, how they are trained, what projects they are currently being used for, and what their limitations are.

Emily Sabin is the Water Vole Officer at the People’s Trust for Endangered Species and has a background in conservation research and communications. She is an experienced ecologist and detection dog trainer. For the last few years, she has been developing her skills as an accredited conservation detection dog handler and operates her two dogs, Monty and Pip, on surveys looking for Britain’s fastest declining mammal, the water vole. You’ll learn how she weaves this survey method into her ecological consultancy work and how it benefits water vole surveys.

You may even get to meet one or both of her dogs as they perform a demo search after the talk!

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