What happens after the worst happens? Is it possible to find fulfilment after trauma? Mina shares her story of how an insurmountable challenge – the loss of a child – leads to self-empowerment and joy, and that through suffering, there is a gift.

For more information about what I do, please go to my website minablair.com.

Free entry with a minimum spend of £6 food/drink per person.

From Mina:

Hi there, I’m really excited about taking part in this festival for the first time and welcoming you to my talk!

By way of background, I’ve lived in Midhurst for twenty years, having moved down from Hindhead in Surrey, so I’ve been local to the Downs for a long time. It’s an area I love, enjoying many happy hours walking in the countryside with my dog. I started work life in the corporate world, leaving that to train and practice as a counsellor working with young people, before moving on to teach yoga. When not writing, teaching or hiking, I’m publishing my weekly wellbeing podcast MatChat with Mina.

Why did I write my book? Because I’m a firm believer that in sharing our stories we heal not only ourselves, but others. There is truth in the old adage, “a problem shared is a problem halved” after all. So I dedicate this work to people who have suffered or are suffering and don’t understand why. The reality is our lives can turn on a penny. You start the day with a plan but in one life-changing moment, an event can end the world as you know it. But where do you go from there? How do you navigate the transition from the ‘you-before’ to the ‘you-after’?

It’s not an easy path to tread and it will be a different journey for everyone. But we are all part of the human story so we don’t need to feel alone when tragedy strikes or we find ourselves with a challenge we’re struggling to overcome. It is possible to go from just surviving to thriving, and ultimately, to finding joy.

Warmly, Mina

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