Acoustic guitar brilliance with Rob Johnston returning to the Festival joined by percussionist Tim Gower. With his unique style, Rob plays a dynamic and rhythmic mix of music and songs using plectrum and fingerstyle techniques, looping and guitar percussion. Book early for an up-close guitar experience! Suitable for all ages.

  • If you love acoustic guitar then this concert takes things to a higher level! Rob uses multiple tunings (and guitars) to explore a huge range of technical possibilities on his instrument. His unique sound also explores looping technology to build an almost ‘orchestral’ layer of sound and percussion on one instrument. Rob always features some of his subtle and emotive songs as well. Tim Gower will be blending his eclectic and skilled percussion into the session. Not to be missed.

    “…we haven’t seen or heard anything like him on L&L in a long, long time. Interested in looping and layering? This is how you do it."

    “.. Awesome guitar technique...a fine singer-songwriter as well.”

    “Staggering playing....” BBC Radio.

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