A thought-provoking, poignant, dynamic, and semi-immersive theatre collage of the worlds and era that surrounded the “Mother of Free Festivals.”

Inspired by the ethos of the hippie, counterculture, and free festival movements, and still retaining remnants of these traditions, award-winning Something Underground brings you its tribute to Woodstock ’69.

  • How is it possible to attend, right here in Fishbourne, the worlds largest free festival, with over 500,000 people all squeezed together on a dairy farm in northern New York State?

    How is it possible to witness the shooting of Bobby Kennedy; be on the beach opposite the Kennedy Space Centre watching the launch of Apollo 11; be part of an anti-Vietnam war riot in Chicago; to be amongst thousands walking along the 17b Road into the festival; to be a chopper pilot ferrying the world's most famous musicians upstate; to be the captain of a Russian nuclear submarine submerged off the coast of Cuba; to be a musician about to step out onto the stage at Woodstock?

    How can you do all this, and yet stay safe, in this day and age?

    Simple. Award-winning theatre company Something Underground are bringing their latest, open air stage show, The Spirit of Woodstock, to Fishbourne.... Over two wild, interactive and immersive hours through this incredible era. The politics, the conflicts, the music, the protests, the moon landings, the civil rights movement, the adverts, the Anti-war protesters, the women’s liberators, the drugs, the music, the musicians and the personalities.

    In The Spirit of Woodstock, Jonathan Brown brings you 65 of these characters in lightning-fast succession. The whole thing is imbued with the soundscape of the time.

    Come and enjoy the whole show with your picnics, wrapped up in tie dye, and ready to be taken back to a time that was happening, golden and groovy, baby.

    2 July: 7 pm
    3 July: 3 pm and 7 pm
    4 July: 3 pm only

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