Have fun designing a sacred space, an ‘altar’ for yourself to create within your home. In this workshop, led by Linzi Martin, we’ll celebrate and encourage aspects of yourself and your life. Integrating treasured items, inspirational words and colours that motivate you towards your aspirations. 

For example, you might be at a turning point where you know it’s time to take life at a slower pace. An aspiration is to regularly meditate but you simply haven’t got around to it. By creating a pleasing serenity-space you’ll be motivated to sit quietly. It’s your personal escape-from-the-world zone. You initiate an improvement in your sense of well being and in life in general.

Through this workshop we’ll cover establishing personal space and time issues. How to create meaningful rituals. Linzi will lead you in the practice of “Pause Moments”, her own mind calming and life affirming technique.

On the day please bring with you a few items that relate to your aspiration: a piece of fabric or clothing that represents a colour you adore; a comfy cushion.

Linzi, a professional voice artist, is also a seeker of wisdom who advocates creating awareness and developing “conscious space”.

Tickets £14.

Organiser: Linzi Martin Naturally Linzi

Event Details
Event Details