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Festival of Chichester - supporting us in 2024

The Festival of Chichester is a registered charity that, every year, provides the professional infrastructure for a month of wide-ranging cultural events across a wide variety of genres.

The organisers are a committee of unpaid volunteers. In addition, it is thanks to the generosity of our many supporters that the festival has managed to thrive since 2013.

We are committed to keeping the fees for participants to put on an event with us as low as possible. We do not take a percentage of ticket sales, receiving just a small fee per event. (Read more on our take part pages).

We have core costs for which we need to secure funding, such as the festival launch event, updating the website, and – most significantly – the design, printing and distribution of the events brochure and associated marketing materials.

View our 2024 events brochure.

Read about the sponsorship and advertising opportunities available to you in 2024.

As a business, we would welcome it if you could:

    • Advertise with us. Around 15,000 copies of our A5 events brochure are very widely distributed locally, and advertisers are also listed on our website.
    • Share information about the Festival of Chichester events with your networks.
    • Make a one-off donation.

As an individual, we would welcome it if you could:

    • Encourage your friends to attend festival events.
    • Make a one-off or regular donation.
    • Help distribute the events brochure.
    • Help distribute information about festival events through your networks.
    • Sign up for our mailing list (see our home page).

To find out more about how you might support the festival, please contact festival coordinator Mark Elliott via our contact page.