This relaxed and meditative experience invites you to connect with nature, find inspiration in your surroundings, and express yourself through the gentle art of drawing. No pressure, no expectations -just easy art and summer fun.

We begin our day at Bishop’s Palace Gardens, meeting here at 1pm. Artist Helen Friend will introduce to the purpose of the session: to find serenity through art in the beautiful surroundings. As a group we will have a shaded spot which will act as our base for the day, from here you can find your own spots to draw from. We will have light refreshments, drawing materials, sun cream and so on to make your day as easy as possible.

We will begin with a relaxing drawing exercise to warm-up. Within this we will also encourage you to focus on your breath, and to be grounded in the present moment. Throughout the day you may wish to do some gentle stretches to release tension.

Once we have settled in, Helen will lead a brief nature walk through Bishop’s Palace Gardens, pausing at various spots to observe and appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. Here we may consider the textures, colours, and sounds of our surroundings.

Helen will then provide a brief demonstration of meditative drawing techniques. You will then find a drawing spot, possibly under the shade of a tree or by a flowerbed. We will then engage in a quiet drawing session, allowing the surroundings to inspire your creations. Here we hope to settle into a meditative mindset, letting go of perfection and embracing the process of drawing what we see.

We will have a short break to stretch, hydrate, and enjoy light refreshments. Optional sharing of initial impressions or observations. We will then resume the drawing session, allowing us to build upon initial sketches. Helen will circulate for individual guidance and encouragement.

At the end we will all gather to share our drawings, thoughts, and experiences. Giving thanks for the shared experience and beauty of Bishop’s Palace Gardens.

This workshop will be taking place outside and we will be sitting on the ground, we will provide blankets and cushions for comfort. Please feel free to bring along camping chairs or seating to make the workshop easier.

We will provide drawing equipment, light refreshments, sunscreen.

Adult only event

Tickets £35, PHG friends £31.50.

Organiser: Pallant House Gallery

Event Details
Event Details