‘Music & Myth’ will transport audiences back to a time when bards played music and told stories around the fire.

Visionary harp-guitarist Jon Pickard plays incredibly beautiful music and tells ancient tales (Celtic Saints, Welsh Giants, Eastern Mystics and more). A fun filled event for the young at heart.

In the rush of the modern world, we often find it difficult to remember where we came from.

“Pickard’s ability to teleport the listener from the woody oaks of a forest in Ireland to the deserted dunes of Egypt is breath-taking. When played by Pickard, the Harp-Guitar transforms into a tool of spirituality and nature.” BritishTheatre.com

An award winning artist, storyteller, instrumentalist, and composer, Jon Pickard is inspired by mythological folk tales from the Celtic world and beyond. He has given concerts  and talks across the UK, France, Germany and the USA.

Harp Guitars use extra banks of strings for wider range and textures, requiring a different approach from the player, and have been around for over 400 years. Jon has become one of the leading world figures in the Harp Guitar universe, pictured here with his own unique self-designed instrument.

Wine and soft drinks available. Limited parking.

At 17:00 hours, repeated at 19:30 hours.

Tickets £16, under-16/over-65 £13 at door, save £1 with advance tickets.

Organiser: John Pickard

Event Details
Event Details