A mystery novel needs: a tight-knit group of characters, seething with resentment and jealousy; a clever murder method; a compelling location; a dramatic denouement; and a pacy story-telling style. How hard can it be?

Greg Mosse is the author of two thrillers, The Coming Darkness and The Coming Storm (Moonflower Books), and four mystery novels, Murder at Church Lodge, Murder at Bunting Manor, Murder at the Theatre and Murder at Notre Dame (Hodder & Stoughton). He has, for thirty years, been a ‘writer & encourager of writers’, leading his own MA in Creative Writing for the University of Sussex at West Dean College.

In this dynamic whole day workshop, Greg will lead a dozen or more participants through a sequence of four story-development sessions, each of which will be focused on a different mystery plot, ranging across a variety of locations and historical eras.

As well as finding inspiration in wonderful moments in time and dramatic locations, the participants will delve deep into character and motivation, devising a tight web of jealousy, resentment, pride and avarice – all excellent motivations for (fictional) murder.

Through the day’s sessions, Greg will encourage the participants to express their own creativity with proven brainstorming techniques, adding new layers of intrigue and suspense, increasing depth of characterisation, and clever compelling twists. The day will be completed with a question-and-answer session, addressing the participants’ concerns with regard to professional and creative development.

Tickets £141.

Organiser: Greg Mosse

Event Details
Event Details