The entry window for next year’s Festival of Chichester is now open

We are looking forward to an exciting festival in 2023. It will run from Saturday 10 June to Sunday 9 July.

The entry window for this year’s Festival of Chichester is now open. We invite you to submit your entries by 1800 on Wednesday 8 February 2022 using our online entry system.

To submit your entry, please visit our “Take part” page. This gives you all the info you need to know about the entry procedure and includes a help video.

We will let you know when your proposed event has been moderated and accepted into the programme. We are particularly keen to avoid any clashes of similar events being put on at the same time. If a clash occurs, we will discuss with you how best to reschedule the programme to avoid this happening.

Please note:

• The application fee for a single event entry form is £22. For events with multiple dates the fee is £35.

• We aim to have only one event in any specific genre on at one time to avoid clashes (e.g. one classical concert on any given lunchtime or evening; a jazz concert against a classical concert would not constitute a clash as it’s in a different genre). Slots are: morning / lunchtime / afternoon / evening. If potentially harmful clashes arise, you may be asked to consider moving the time or day of your event, or changing the genre.

Significant known dates are shown on the provisional calendar of events.

• Please do not organise an event which clashes with our Festival Launch, from around 1pm to 4pm, on Cathedral Green on Saturday 10 June.

• Also please remember to use the festival logo and credit the festival in all your publicity.

One of the conditions of entry is that participants share information about the wider festival with their members/contacts. Working cooperatively together is our shared aim.

Key dates

Events published on this website and the distribution of brochures starts on Wednesday 5 April.
The festival opens on Saturday 10 June, and closes on Sunday 9 July

We had a fantastic festival in 2022 – let’s make it bigger and better in 2023.

By the way, in case you are looking for a new venue, or checking an existing one, we have created web pages for many of the venues available in the area.

Finally, if you are interested in sponsorship, please visit our “Support us” page where you can also access our sponsorship and advertising pack.

In the event of any difficulties, please contact Simon at Support for technical issues or the Coordinator for issues and dates relating to your events.

Best wishes,

Mark Elliott

Festival Coordinator, on behalf of the Festival of Chichester Committee