Fishbourne Roman Palace

Explore this first-century home and outstanding archaeological site.  Get hands-on at our exciting family events and marvel at the largest collection of early Roman mosaic floors in Britain.  Discovered in 1960, the North Wing of this remarkable building is an important attraction for anyone interested in learning more about Roman life, art and architecture. 

Dating back to the beginning of the Roman occupation of Britain, the Roman Palace offers visitors of all ages a unique experience.  Among the remarkable remains of the North Wing, lie over twenty mosaics including the spectacular Cupid on a Dolphin.  Visitors can also view the under floor heating system,  and corridors from the elevated walkways.  An introductory film shows how the Palace may have looked 2,000 years ago and free guided tours are available every day.

The extensive grounds of the Palace offer visitors the opportunity to stroll around the formal Roman garden carefully replanted to its original plan, featuring box hedging and staked espalier fruit trees.  Step beyond the archaeology into the plant display area, displaying herbs and vegetables of the period, including those used in cooking, medicines and dyeing.  Find out more by venturing into the Roman Garden Museum; a delightful experience for gardeners of all ages.

The Museum Gallery displays a wide range of Roman objects found during excavations on the site.  These include beautiful jewellery and personal items and a sculptured marble head that is believed to be a rare image of the Emperor Nero, as a child.

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