Whyke Community Orchard, Chichester

Whyke Community Orchard celebrated 10 years of growing in 2023. A bijou orchard of 9 Sussex heritage apple trees, it has glades between the trees, suitable for very select gatherings. There are two benches, which very firmly attached, to be found at either end of the orchard, so depending on the needs for lighting, chose one or the other to situate your event. A winding woodchip footpath connects the two. The rest of the area is wildflower meadow with a very wild area shielding the side adjacent to the public footpath. The orchard is overlooked by only three houses but is within audible range of more dwellings, so no events after nightfall. Wildlife walks are available on request.

We have a resident herbalist who gives talks about the plants found on the orchard.

Capacity: standing and walking 25. With tables 20.

Woodchip path suitable for powered mobility scooters. Nine trees in a wildflower meadow; make this difficult for vision impaired people. Sensory issues; Calm green haven make this a good for de-stressing.

No dedicated catering facilities, but we have used hot water containers for tea making on site with appropriate precautions.

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Venue Details
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