Welcome to the Festival of Chichester 2015!

Events are already coming in, and we want to make sure that you too will be part of the fun. Have you got an event you would like to register with us for next year’s festival? As ever, we are all about celebrating the community through the arts, through sport and through any kind of culture which brings people together.

In our first year in 2013, we had a fantastic month-long festival with more than 200 events. In 2014, we did even better, learning all the lessons of 2013 to offer a huge diversity of events on the back of better signage, better promotion and a much clearer brochure. It’s been a sharp learning curve for our hard-working committee, but it has also been great fun for all of us, and we are confident the 2015 Festival of Chichester will be even better still.
The 2015 festival will run from Saturday, June 13-Sunday, July 12, and registration is now open. We would love to hear from you. Simply download the registration documents and work your way through them.

Please read all the documents carefully before returning your entry. Do complete all sections as incomplete applications will be returned. Please ask via email or phone if you need any help. Contact Barry, our festival co-ordinator, on 07813244731 or festivalchichester@gmail.com
Deadline for returning entries is January 31 2015. We can accept entries only by email. Each event needs a separate form. Submit your entry in a new email, not a reply, headed Festival Entry followed by your event or organisation name. Send to Barry at: festivalchichester@gmail.com.

Your ticket contract should be sent to Chichester Tickets. Just follow the guidance on the forms. Your tickets cannot go on sale unless you sign and return your ticket sales contract.

In our first couple of years, we have had an enormous rush of entries just before and just after the deadline. Please make sure you get the entries to us in good time. This year our deadline really is a deadline! At the start of February, we need to begin the task of putting our brochure together… so please don’t delay.

I hope very much you will join us for our 2015 festival.

Very best wishes,

Phil Hewitt, Festival of Chichester chairman.



Click on the image to download your entry form and supporting documents



If you have any queries, please contact the Festival Co-ordinator on festivalchichester@gmail.com