Aside from friendly jokes mocking each other’s losses, all is calm at Poddington Bowling Club – until club member Florence is found lifeless on the outside green. Who wanted her dead? Are the club members all as innocent as they look? Or will more fall foul of the murderer?

Jim: Bit of a player in his day. His grandfather built the bowls club “with his bare hands”. He will protect the club at all costs. He was the high school jock and sometimes forgets that was a long time ago. He’s too stupid to get away with murder – or is he?

June: A fun loving, good time gal. She and Jim dated years ago. Her husband gambled away their house and disappeared so now she lives in a house-share with a group of “fabulous” 30-year-olds. She wouldn’t get her nails dirty with blood – would she?

Barry: Prim and proper. He’s been married to Marge for forty years. He and Jim don’t get along because Barry thinks Jim should grow up. Murder is not the done thing in his world, so he wouldn’t kill anyone – would he?

Marge: Has psychic abilities – or tells everyone that she has, anyway – and is a bit ditsy. Her and June are best friends. She follows the crowd like a sheep and is happy to stand back and let someone else take the lead. She’s loved and loveable and wouldn’t hurt a fly – would she?

Tickets £10.

Organiser: Frew Productions

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Event Details