Any questions for event organisers?

Many of you joined us on November 15th to hear about our plans for the 2024 Festival of Chichester and to give us feedback on past experience and suggestions for improvements. However, we are aware that by no means everyone could join. And that due to unexpected technical difficulties, our planned Zoom link failed at the last minute.

For those who were unable to attend for either reason, or indeed for any organiser wanting a little more help and encouragement with their application, we welcome you to a very informal online meeting on Zoom on Monday 11 December at 18:30 hours at this link:

We’ll give a very brief welcome but it will be essentially an open Q&A / comment session for those who wish to join. There’s no compunction to attend and we imagine it will be short – perhaps half an hour.

Best wishes,

Mark Elliott
Festival Co-ordinator, on behalf of the Festival of Chichester Committee

P.S. Registrations are open and will close on 31 January 2024. Please see our take part page for further details.

Picture: Cyclone Live