The Fun of the Festival – Spoken Word & Theatre

The Festival is delighted to celebrate the joy of words, the power to inspire, those leaps of the imagination taking us to new and exciting places. Whether you like settling down for the curtain to rise on a good drama or enjoying hearing writers take us to new worlds, the Festival has lots to offer!

We can transport you to Rome with TV celebrity Loyd Grossman, explore how the world thinks, or take you to the launch of the City of Tears with Chichester author Kate Mosse. Award-winning actress Dame Penelope Keith will inspire you with the magic of Keats and Romani poet Raine will take you into the secret world of gypsy life.

Dame Penelope Keith, Loyd Grossman, Kate Mosse, Raine Geoghegan, the Poetry & Jazz Café, Julian Baggini, Frida Kahlo, Celebrating Keats and more.

It’s lights down for the best in theatre as you settle on Cathedral Green for Macbeth or picnic at Halnaker while re-living the early life of Charlie Chaplin, or find out what happens next after the ending of Pride and Prejudice or watch as the spirit of Woodstock lives again…or eyes down for retro bingo!

Macbeth, The Rude Mechanical Theatre Company, Lydia and George – the further adventures of Elizabeth Bennett’s Scandalous Sister, the Spirit of Woodstock, Dawn Gracie and more.

Dame Penelope Keith

Rude Mechanical Theatre Company