The Fun of the Festival – what music is on offer

We all love a good tune…. some of us can’t resist the sound of soaring classical strings, others go for a jazzy riff or a blues beat…. whatever your tastes, there’s a fantastic selection to choose from at this year’s festival!

You can enjoy Russian Dreams, sample an opera, drift to the Moonlight Sonata, hear international pianists free in the Cathedral, lose yourself in Bach’s Cello Suites, explore the harp-guitar or thrill to the sounds of the Cathedral organ or a full-blooded orchestra in flight!

Ensemble Reza, Castalian Quartet, Elena Toponogova, Pavlos Carvalho, Young-Choon Park, the Bach Players, the Hanover Band, Chichester Symphony Orchestra and more.

Or you can tap your toes to jazzy sounds, take afternoon tea at the Sleepy Lagoon, swoon to blues-tinged ballads, go cinematic with James Bond themes or tour Cuba with the irresistible beats of the Latin Bridge, with picnics too, outdoors at leafy Halnaker.

Charlotte Glasson Trio, Olivia Stevens, Sleepy Lagoon Orchestra, Geoff Rob, Rob Johnston, the Latin Bridge and more.

Pictured below: The Charlotte Glasson Trio and Ensemble Reza